Korean Air Baggage Allowance 2013

Korean Air Baggage Allowance 2013

Korean Air Baggage Allowance 2013

Korean Air Baggage Allowance 2013

Korean Air, a major flyer in the East Asia and the Far East, introduced a new air baggage allowance system on May 31, 2012. In simple terms, the company discarded its previous weight-based system to a piece- or bag-based system. The company has always allowed the upper class passengers to carry more baggage.

There has not been any change to the system of offering class-based privileges. There is a grace period of 15 months for the system to come into effect, which happens on September 1, 2013. Here are the basic aspects of Korean Air Baggage Allowance 2013 for each class of passengers.

First Class

The previous limit was 30 kg. Now Korean Air allows First Class passengers to carry three bags, with a maximum of 32 kg per bag. The biggest advantage of the new system is for the First Class passengers.

The redemption ratios for converting flying miles into excess baggage allowance too vary for all classes. It often depends on the route and destination. For the other Asian countries, earlier it was about 1000 miles for one kilo of excess baggage. Now, it is 15000 miles for one additional piece. Here too, it varies from route to route and destination to destination.

Prestige Class

The previous limit for Prestige Class was 30 kg. Now, it has been increased to two pieces of maximum weight 32 kg per bag. The Prestige Class travelers too have a convenient increase in Korean Air Baggage Allowance 2013.

There is no change for restrictions on the nature of good and items to be transported. It is applicable across all classes as well. Combustible products such as compressed gas, paints and cigarette lighters are not allowed. Firearms and firecrackers too are banned. The airline or airport security staff can disallow any other items that can be used to harm or injure other patients.

Economy class

Previously, the limit was 20 kg per passenger. Now, under the new system, the limit is one bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg. For economy class travelers to the USA, the new system does not apply, the old rule remains applicable.

It’s definitely a year of benefits for Korean Air travelers to fly.

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